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Cuddles & Clips is a new type of Dog Grooming concept in Palmer Ranch. Providing the best treatment to your beloved dog is our mission, but YOUR own experience is important too! 


We provide a stress-free environment with our one-on-one grooming sessions. This allows us the necessary time to bond with your pet, ensuring they trust our groomers. 


As we all know, dogs can be unpredictable, so safety and serenity is a priority. Your pet won’t spend the day in a cage, or interacting with other animals.


We offer a range of services like nail trims/grinds, baths, de-sheds, mini-grooms and full grooms. 


Please call (941) 587-5385 with any questions, or text us for an even faster reply! We’re always looking to make new friends, and return clients can easily book online

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